Attention women: You may not know it, but by following mainstream diets you’re actually hurting your fat loss hormones and slowing your metabolism at the same time!

Are you frustrated with dieting? Do you feel like you have a fat loss resistant body? The fact is that you very well might. Fortunately, there's a simple solution...

Here's how you can put an end to this frustration, and actually be able to...

  • Shed POUNDS of fat in only a matter of weeks...
  • Change your body's NATURAL ability to burn fat...
  • Attack your fat cells WITHOUT attacking your calorie-killing muscle!

All while eating foods you enjoy and strategically helping your body's most important fat loss hormones in the process!

Keep Reading Below And You'll Find the Fat Loss Blueprint That Will Help You Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones Once and For All...

20th May 2024

From the Office of Chad Howse,

Have you ever wondered why you have to work so hard or diet so drastically to burn fat?

That’s the question I asked myself as I dove into my research, trying to figure out why so many of us can diet for YEARS but never develop the lean body we want. It's almost as if some people (A LOT OF PEOPLE) have a body that's RESISTANT to fat loss! But this can't be so, could it?

Well, after years of research, much of it using my own body as a guinea pig, as well as my clients, the answer is simple:

After following mainstream diets and workout programs for years or months, you’ve hurt the hormones that are responsible for fat loss while increasing the hormones that make you store fat.

Rather than building a body that uses fat for fuel FIRST, you’ve developed a body that STORES fat FIRST, and it’s COMPLETELY not your fault! Here’s the good news:

You can DRAMATICALLY increase your body’s ability to burn fat, no matter your genetics, by boosting your natural fat burning hormones, and lowering your natural fat STORING hormones, and the way to do this is actually quite simple.

There is, however, a problem…

The Problem: Most Popular Mainstream Diets Hurt Your Most Important Fat Loss Hormones!

Many of the dieting and fitness practices women follow on a daily basis do more to hurt their fat loss hormones than help them. In fact, many of you, at this very moment, are boosting your fat STORING hormones.

  • Are you feeling tired, do you have a lack of energy?
  • Do you find it hard to burn fat?
  • Are you storing fat in certain "problem areas"?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the questions above it’s very likely that you’ve unknowingly done one of two things, or both.

Either you’ve been messing up your metabolism or your fat loss hormones, but even MORE likely is that you’ve hurt both, not on purpose, of course, but after years of trying to lose fat the wrong way you’ve been slowing your metabolism and hurting the hormones that are responsible for your fat loss.

The way to turn things around is a bit whacky, and it may come off as “weird”, but it’s been tested, proven, backed by both science and reason, and it will fly in the face of almost everything you’ve been told about fat loss thus far.

Here’s the truth:

Fact: To have a body that burns fat, you also have to have a body with optimal fat loss hormones.

It’s simple, your fat loss hormones help you use fat as fuel rather than storing it as fat for future use - which is what your body is doing if your hormones are out of balance (typically the case when people find it difficult to burn fat with conventional dieting practices and mainstream advice).

That’s the problem, by dieting constantly and by following the atrocities that are “mainstream fat loss workouts”, your body has become resistant to using fat as fuel.

The Solution: To Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones Forever!

What we need to do is to fix those broken fat loss hormones and get your body working as efficiently as it’s supposed to!

By doing this we can create an atmosphere within your body where you’re recruiting fat as fuel. More than this, though, we can create a hormonal atmosphere where you can actually destroy fat cells once and for all.

These methods are very simple, you just have to open your mind to a new way of doing things, a way that will use your body’s natural processes to fight fat, turning your body into a fat burning machine!

ENTER: The Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones 7-Step Method

Step 1 Improve your testosterone vs estrogen ratio. This will help you burn more fat while maintaining metabolically active muscle.

Step 2 Re-Set Your Metabolism by EATING MORE. Most diets kill your metabolism, we’re actually going to strategically JOLT your metabolism back to working order.

Step 3 Optimize Growth Hormone Levels through unique training and off-day dieting practices you’ll boost one of the most important hormones responsible for fat loss.

Step 4 Training, both in the gym and outdoors, to increase your metabolically active muscle (muscle increases insulin sensitivity & it increases how many calories you burn) while TORCHING FAT.

Step 5 Decrease your fat STORING hormones with simple practices to improve sleep and clean up your environment.

Step 6 A NEVER BEFORE SEEN strategy to boost your BROWN FAT CELLS (they eat away at your “white” fat cells, or the kind of fat cells that you carry as body fat).

Step 7 Implement unique ‘Meal Blocking” protocols that enable you to consume tasty foods without going over your daily caloric intake and maintaining the macros that help you BOOST your FAT LOSS HORMONES!

[WARNING] This isn’t your average fat loss program because you’re not merely going to consume fewer calories than you burn, you’re actually going to attack your fat with the help of your hormones. Your hormones are what regulates your body composition, so by attacking fat at its source you can expect not only fast results, but long term change. This isn’t your average fad or mainstream program!

It’s unheard of and incredibly RARE to have a program that boosts your body’s natural fat burning hormones and actually helps you become MORE EFFICIENT.

Most mainstream programs will force you to eat like a bird, nibbling on food and consuming calories so low that your body is essentially FORCED to lose weight, HOWEVER, the result of drastic calorie-depleting diets is a RUINED metabolism and DESTROYED hormones.

The more intelligent approach involves, first, eating more to “re-set” your metabolism. From there we can focus on increasing your good hormones and decreasing your bad hormones. By increasing your fat loss hormones you’re doing more than simply burning more fat.

Your fat loss hormones will help you hold on to more metabolically active muscle, destroy the cells that contain fat, increase your metabolic rate, and store less fat. But you’re going to do even MORE than that, you’re going to lower the likelihood of “falling off the wagon”.

Most diets end in failure for a couple reasons..

For one, they’re too hard to stick to because you’re left with no energy and messed up hormones. Two, you pick up snacking to get some energy and you add a heck of a lot of “not counted for” calories that go straight to your hips and thighs.

Snacking can KILL your fat loss goals, but this isn’t just a battle of will-power, snacking and binging can be controlled by fixing two primary hormones.

Diet Control Hormone #1: Insulin

Insulin’s function is to process sugar in the bloodstream and carry it into cells to be used as fuel or stored as fat. Constantly elevated insulin is a bad thing and often caused in an excess intake of sugar or carbohydrates typical of many diets today.

The main culprits are processed foods, sugary drinks, treats, and grains, but also many of the “no fat” and “healthy” foods you’re buying at your local grocery store that are filled with starchy carbs, or even worse, artificial sweeteners (these are a big ‘no-no’).

But it’s not just what you’re consuming, it’s what you’re NOT consuming that can hurt, insufficient protein intake, inadequate fat intake, and deficient fibre consumption can also lead to insulin resistance, or your body’s inability to process insulin in an efficient manner, which leads you to store carbs as fat rather than using them as fuel.

To increase your insulin sensitivity I’ll show you the proper way to train and the CORRECT macros to use in your diet to keep your insulin levels where they need to be for optimal fat loss.

Did you know that lean muscle mass actually increases your insulin sensitivity? And while you don’t want to get bulky, by following a resistance training program that focuses on the bigger, compound exercises, you’re going to improve your insulin health without adding too much muscle, but by shedding pounds of fat!

Another trick:

Add cinnamon to your meals and shakes. Cinnamon increases your insulin sensitivity which helps you respond much better to the spikes in insulin that comes from carbs.

Diet Control Hormone #2: Leptin

Leptin’s function is to communication your body’s nutritional needs to your brain. Leptin levels are mediated by your body fat levels - those with higher body fat levels typically have higher leptin levels.

Higher body fat levels mean your body - through leptin - tells your brain that you have enough energy, therefore, you need to burn more. However, when you’re attempting to lose fat and begin to restrict calories your leptin levels plummet by 50% a week.

This is why many diets fail, because you can only go so long depleting your calories before you begin to CRAVE the sugary carbohydrates that will pump your leptin levels back up, but also your body fat levels at the same time, essentially ruining a diet in one foul swoop.

Dieting incorrectly (as most mainstream diets do) creates a hormonal environment that’s PERFECT for fat STORAGE. Thyroid hormones drop and your cortisol levels skyrocket, creating a perfect fat storing atmosphere while also attacking the lean muscle mass that keeps your metabolism healthy.

But there’s more, other “snacking” hormones like ghrelin, anandamide, and neuropeptide-Y, and all join in on the “making you fatter” party.

Here’s the catch (and it’s a very good one), to get your leptin levels back UP to healthy levels even if you’re at a caloric deficit only takes about 12-24 hours.

The answer to this decline in hormones that will send you binging and off the wagon as fast as you can say “belly fat”, is strategic “feeding windows” where you actually have higher amounts of highly glycemic and calorically large meals, while keeping your overall calories for the week at a minimum.

These “meal blocks” are a part of the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones 7 Step Method.

Men have testosterone. Women have GROWTH HORMONE?

Body Composition Secret Weapon: Growth Hormone

Where men are concerned, testosterone is by far their greatest hormonal ally in their fight against fat. However, men and women are not the same, we have very different hormonal and biological make-ups, and WOMEN’s greatest ally in the fight against fat appears to be GROWTH HORMONE.

Now, women still have testosterone, and, even though estrogen is the dominant sex hormone in women, testosterone still plays a vital role in body composition.

When estrogen levels creep too high, fat storage increases and muscle mass decreases. In the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones system, we take you through the simple steps required to maintain a healthy testosterone vs estrogen ratio, but the REAL power for women is focused around growth hormone, something we tackle with both proper training and unique “meal blocking” with non-workout day “fasts”.

Boost Growth Hormone with Proper Resistance Training

Lactic acid is the precursor to growth hormone. When lactic acid builds up in your body the result is a greater increase in growth hormone that occurs for women than it does for men (Wideman, et al., 2002).

Multiple set resistance exercise increases and prolongs the GH response in females compared to single sets (Mulligan, et al., 1996); and resistance training with higher volume elicits a greater GH response than low volume training (Kraemer, et al., 1993).

The GREATEST GH release occurred with workout sessions using moderately to heavy weights with shorter rest periods.

This basically gives us a blueprint to how to train MOST effectively to help WOMEN ignite their most powerful fat burning hormones:

Train for strength and lean muscle mass while dieting to lose fat.

By focusing on the larger muscle groups that create a greater amount of lactic acid and burn fat more calories, but also supplementing your workouts with the smaller muscle groups, and focusing on strength set, you burn more fat than you would doing high-rep “fat loss workouts” with a large amount of cardio.

The side effect of this mode of training, along with an effective HIIT cardio routine, is either an increase or a maintenance of your lean muscle mass while you’re at a caloric deficit.

Muscle is your BEST FRIEND in your battle against fat loss for a number of reasons:

(a) Muscle helps increase insulin sensitivity. That is, you’re going to use more carbs as fuel rather than storing them as fat. When you LOSE your lean muscle mass, you may lose weight, but it will be lean mass, your body, then, is less equipped to fight fat because you’ve removed its greatest ally.

(b) Muscle BOOSTS YOUR METABOLISM. If you want LONG TERM fat loss and not short term WEIGHT LOSS, you want to keep all of your lean muscle mass, even while you’re eating in a way that will help you burn fat.

(c) Resistance training also helps you fight things like osteoporosis, keeping you strong and active and vibrant and young as you age, which is definitely a process we can fight.

Boost Your GH Through Non-Dieting

One of the, if not THE most powerful ways to boost your natural growth hormone levels is to skip a meal - either your first or last meal - to take even greater advantage of the power of your sleep.

When you sleep you’re in a fasted state, or a state where you’re not consuming energy (food) yet you’re still burning energy. During prolonged fasts like you experience during sleep, your body releases growth hormone, you can INCREASE this release simply by skipping one meal.

What meal do you want to skip? You don’t want to necessarily skip a meal on a day where you’re working out because your body needs that protein to recover and to maintain your muscle, but on days where you’re not training, and where you can afford to have one less meal, the first meal of the day, the once “most important meal of your day” is the best option.

By skipping breakfast on your off day you’re going to experience a JOLT of growth hormone that will help you recover, but also use more fat as fuel.

Using your NATURAL female hormones to improve your ability to burn fat is the WAY OF THE FUTURE.

Gone are the fad diets with their forced starvation and bland foods. If you’re smart, you can eat foods you love while building a body that you love even MORE!

The Metabolic Re-Set

Before you start another diet, no matter how awesome that diet is, you should spend some time “re-setting” your metabolism. The method is simple. You’ll actually increase your daily caloric intake until you’re meeting your daily caloric expenditure WITHOUT gaining weight.

Before you even begin the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones System, you’re taken through this process to make sure that your hormones are working efficiently, and that your metabolism is PRIMED for fat loss.

Meal Blocking

Fads rule the diet industry, but dieting is actually very simple. I’ve made it even simpler and even MORE enjoyable, with “meal blocks”.

Rather than having “some fat” in a meal, or “some carbs” in a meal, you can focus each meal around the kinds of foods you want to consume, and I help you place them within the confines of a caloric intake that WILL help you burn fat while holding on to your lean muscle mass.

More on this in a sec.

No Rebound Weight Gain

FACT: You will lose more FAT if you use resistance training and dieting than if you just diet or of you just diet and perform cardio. Resistance training helps you gain or maintain your most important ally in your fight against fat: lean muscle mass.

Big picture is important here. Just like you’re here for a big picture outlook on fat loss because you’re tired of losing fat than gaining it right back, if you fix your fat loss hormones, and if you hold on to and gain lean, metabolically active muscle. The REAL magic happens when you combine cardio and weight training with the proper diet.

the Simplicity of the Fix

Did you know that plastics contain phytoestrogens that increase your fat storing hormone, estrogen? Did you know that sitting can be one of the most harmful things toward your waistline or that pesticides that you find on your fruits and veggies also contain those chemical estrogens that increase your waistline?

There are simple changes like avoiding bottled water and tap water because both contain chemicals that are harmful to your body and your fat loss hormones. Or walking more. Or smiling more.

These changes, like any changes in your diet or workout routine are simple. I’ll take you through what you need to know to optimize your fat loss hormones so they’re working for you rather than against you.

The Fix Your Fat Loss System Is Designed to Help You Fix Your Broken Fat Loss Hormones and Help You Create LONG TERM Fat Loss with NO Rebound Weight Gain. If it Doesn't Work, You Get Your Money Back!

Here’s the thing:

I don’t want to be yet another book on your shelf or ebook in your file folder that has yet to have been read. I don’t want to be another in a long list of programs that just didn’t work for you.

Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones is the foundation you need to build your best body, to burn fat and FINALLY SLIM DOWN, but if you don’t work for it, it won’t work for you.

So try it out! Spend 1/3rd of the entire program testing things out to see if your slim, speak body is taking shape! If it’s “just not for you”, or if you simply lack all discipline and hate to work hard no matter how simple things are, then ask for your money back within 30 days and the request shall be granted.

I want you to shed those pounds. That’s all I want. If fixing your fat loss hormones isn’t a good fit for you, then let’s part ways. However, I’m betting everything that it will be the final solution to your fat loss woes, that diamond in the rough that was always right in front of you yet you were unable to see it. You see, this system isn’t showing you anything revolutionary, it’s simply showing you how to use what you already have: your hormones.

And how to maximize them to build the body of your dreams and to shed those pounds that never seem to go away.

The Best Part: Fixing Your Fat Loss Hormones Is Incredibly FAST and SIMPLE!

It takes simple changes to turn this ship around. Simplicity is key, and the results will be fast if you stay focused.

I won’t ask you to change “everything”, to go on some fad diet where you’re starving yourself daily, finally breaking down in one glorious cupcake filled binge that brings all that weight you lost, and then some, piling back to your hips and buns and thighs.

The strategy is VERY simple:

  • I tell you what to eat and when to eat it.
  • I tell you when NOT to eat (remember, we’re skipping breakfast on our non-workout days to boost growth hormone and further increase your body’s ability to burn fat).
  • I tell you when to workout and I even show you HOW to workout.
  • I bring you through the simple lifestyle changes you can make to REMOVE STRESS.
  • Everything you need to know to dramatically SLIM DOWN over the next 3 months is in FIX YOUR FAT LOSS HORMONES!


The information, the path you need to set out on is all laid out for you, all you need to do is ACT!

Thus, Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones is for ACTION-TAKERS ONLY.

It can’t be for sideline sitters or critics, or “well-intended” women who like to talk about the body they want, but rarely do anything about it.

If you’re frustrated because you’ve ACTUALLY WORKED HARD, but you still don’t have the body you want, then this is for you.

If you’re sick and tired of dieting, then this program is for YOU!

If you’re tired of losing WEIGHT but NOT FAT, then this is for you!

If you’re an action-taker, then by all means, take action! Become an early adopter of the rarity that is a program that helps your body HELP YOU burn more fat. A program that gets to the basics of fat loss and creates an environment where you can ACTUALLY burn fat!

But wait, shall I sweated the pot?

Finally Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones and Unleash Your TRUE Fat Loss Potential!

A Simple Step-by-Step Process to Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones

  • Simple adjustments to your diet to maximize your fat loss hormones...
  • Tips and tactics to remove stress and cortisol from your life...
  • How to make tiny adjustments to your envirnment to STOP the CHEMICAL DESTRUCTION of your fat loss hormones...
  • How to BOOST your ENERGY LEVELS while INCREASING your most important FAT LOSS HORMIONESS...
  • A COMPLETE GUIDE that will bring your lean, fit body to light!

$47 Value

A 3-month Diet That Will Completely Improve Your Hormonal Make-up!

  • With the 'meal blocks' that allow you to enjoy tasty foods while cutting fat...
  • Improve your natural ability to USE FAT AS FUEL with simple-to-follow meal guides...
  • Boost growth hormone and improve your testosterone vs estrogen ratio while eating healthy, tasty foods...
  • Take the "starving" out of your dieting and start eating in a sustainable way that WORKS!

$47 Value

Hold on to Your Metabolically Active Muscle While IMPROVING Every Month with the 3-Phases of the Fix your Fat Loss Hormones Training System!

  • Cut fat FAST while holding on to your metabolically active muscle...
  • Learn how to train to maximize your insulin sensitivity and use your carbs as FUEL rather than storing them as FAT...
  • Train to BOOST GROWTH HORMONE, creating a fat fighting FURNACE without burning your lean muscle mass...
  • Sculpt the lean, fit body with a method that pulls no punches and brings you through the fire!

$297 Value

BONUS: For Early Adopters Only!

Get the Entire System PLUS the Exercise DVD's Where I Bring You Into the Gym to Show You EXACTLY How to Perform EVERY EXERCISE, 100% FREE if you Take Action TODAY!

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Why Put Your Trust in Me?

It’s not that I don’t want to meet problems head on, but with the desire for so many to burn fat and build fitter, leaner bodies, I knew there was a shift.

The focus of this shift has started with men. I’m a fella who had questions about the way we go about losing fat, how we focus on pure calories and improper training methods, so I set out to answer the question as to why so many work so hard yet still fail to build their ideal bodies.

Up to now, I’ve helped thousands of guys create the solutions they need by helping them fix their most important hormones.

Just take a look at Mark...

"I had a really difficult time keeping my body fat levels low until Chad showed me how it starts with my hormones. He showed me simple dietary changes that were really easy to make, but made a huge difference.

Once I learned how to focus on my hormones the fat started dripping off my body and I actually gained a bunch of muscle at the same time. Thanks Chad!"

Or Nate, Andy, and Matheus...

My initial focus was men, because that's what I am. I fell prey to the incredibly insane dieting practices of mainstream diets and the backwards training principles that left me scrawny and weak and flabby, so when I started getting emails from the thousands of guys that visit my site everyday, I knew it was time to step in with a real solution.

Here's the thing:

Mainstream diets are effecting women more than anyone.

So while I began changing the way men ate and trained for fat loss and body composition, I received just as many emails from women who had the same frustrations.

The fat loss industry is run by fads, not by common sense practices that helps our hormones work as they should. Remember, our hormones are largely responsible for our body composition. We can't have poorly performing hormones and expect a lean physique.


And it needs change for women, just as it needs to change for men!

Guess who the #1 market is for fat loss and fitness?

Women! You gals buy upwards of 80% of the diet books and workout plans geared toward helping people get fit and lean.

The solution is the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones System, and boy does it over-deliver!

  • To burn fat you have to burn more energy than you consume, BUT you have to do this with a HEALTHY METABOLISM (Fix gives you this).
  • To burn fat you have to hold on to your metabolically active muscle while also at a caloric deficit (Fix shows you how to do this).
  • To burn fat you have to increase your insulin sensitivity so you're not STORING the energy you're consuming (Fix shows you how to do this).
  • To burn fat you have to actually KILL FAT CELLS - something your fat loss hormones can do, and Fix shows you how to do this.
  • To get lean over the LONG HAUL, you have to eat in a way that you enjoy and can sustain (and the Fix diet IS THIS).

Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones is the SOLUTION to FAT LOSS RESISTANCE. It's the method that will finally help you get to the ROOT CAUSES of FAT LOSS, helping you finally bring that lean body you've been hiding for so long to light!

Join this movement! Take action and never look back. Gone are the fad diets that bring you incremental success.

We're after REAL RESULTS and the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones Method is the way to the body that's been hiding behind layers of fat and suppressed by mainstream myths for too long!

Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones FAQ

What if the diet doesn’t fit my schedule?

The Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones Diet is designed with meal “pockets” that you just plug into the different areas of YOUR routine. That is, the diet is completely customizable, and it’s very simple to plug in your meals where they fit best in relation to how you structure your day, when you work, workout, and when you wake up.

What if I lose all motivation and decide to quit?

As with everything I put my time and energy and my name behind, I add my 60-day money-back guarantee. If you decide that a ripped, lean, athletic body just isn’t worth the time and effort, then I’d rather you have your money back, and I’d rather bring someone else on board that’s willing to work! Give it a shot for two months (2/3’s of the entire program) to see if it works. It does. It’s a simple answer.

Is there support for the program?

Hi, I’m Chad Howse, I wrote the program, the diet, everything, and I am actually a real human. I answer my own emails and I’m going to be involved with your transformation to make sure that you get the best from every step. If you have a question, you’re emailing me, personally, and I’ll respond with a response. But, for time’s sake, read the entire manual first, I did my utmost to leave no stone un-turned.

Is there hidden fees involved with the program?

No hidden fees whatsoever. You’ll only be charged once for this awesome program, and you’re getting it at an incredible discount. There are no additional fees that you’ll incur unless there’s something you want to add to your order.

How long will it take for the order to arrive?

Everything is done immediately. My team has a great back-end members area for you where you can watch the DVDs, download all of the programs and workout sheets and the diets and manuals.

Everything is accessible from your computer, your tablet, or even your phone (yes, even the videos, you can take them to the gym and watch how to perform he various exercises as you’re working out). We’ve gone above and beyond with Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones. As soon as you click the Add to Cart button, you’ll sign up, then within a few minutes you’ll receive an email with all of the details you need to get started right away.

Last Chance to Take Advantage of the 80% off Sale!


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