ATTENTION MEN: No matter how hard you work or how disciplined your diet, if your hormones aren’t working for you, they’re working against you.

Have You Been Dieting Without Noticing Any Real Results? You May Have Broken Fat Loss Hormones. Fortunately, The Solution To Fix Them Is Really Quite Simple...

July 23, 2024

From the Office of Chad Howse,

Ever wonder why it can be so difficult to burn fat even if you're dieting and working hard?

I did. I spent 8 years trying to build a better body, dieting, lifting, running, and it was all for naught, except for the fact that it propelled me to finally find a solution to this fat loss resistance that so many guys seem to be plagued by.

And guess what? I did find the solution! It was right in front of my eyes the entire time, just as it's in front of yours, yet the mainstream information that is presented to us seems to gloss over this simple fact:

Our hormones regulate our body's ability to burn fat. They regulate what energy sources we use (fat or muscle) as fuel. They are responsible for our body composition.

The problem: Mainstream fat loss diets and workouts do more to hinder our most powerful fat loss hormones.

Much of the information many of us follow fail to address the underlying reasons as to why our bodies even burn fat in the first place!

  • Feeling run down and out of energy?
  • Finding that you suffer from a low sex drive?
  • Finding it tough to burn fat even though you're doing what you're "supposed to do"?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions it's likely that your fat loss hormones are broken. It's also likely that your fat storing hormones are thriving.

The good news?

Fixing your fat loss hormones is simple, and when your fat loss hormones are optimal, all of this pent up frustration will be tossed out the window.

If you want to burn fat, and even build muscle at the same time, you're going to want to read the info in this article, because your body depends on your hormones NOT your genetics to burn fat, and I'm going to show you how to fix the hormones that have been broken by an ass-backwards diet and fitness industry that does more to hurt your natural ability to burn fat fast.

To have a body that burns fat easily, you need to increase your fat burning hormones and decrease your fat storing hormones. Most diets miss this first and most important step.

Most diets focus only on the calories.

They see fat loss as a matter of calories in vs calories out, and this is a big part of fat loss, to burn fat you have to burn more energy than you consume, but you have to be smart about how you go about this. What they fail to see is that our hormones effect both the kind of weight we lose (fat or muscle), how much we lose it, and how healthy and strong we stay while we’re losing fat.

The calories in vs calories out (or burned) mode of doing things also has a few drawbacks that we’ll cover a bit later in the article. By wreaking havoc on your fat loss hormones through mainstream dieting you can stop your body’s ability to burn fat, fortunately there’s a simple solution.

Here’s the thing…

When you diet, you slow your metabolism and burn muscle. There is, however, an intelligent way to burn fat and it starts with your hormones.

Most people follow the same advice, and most people fail. While everyone else “zigs”, don’t you think it’d be better to “zag”?

While everyone starves themselves while they over-train and create a body that’s resistant to fat loss, wouldn’t it be wise to follow a more intelligent approach, one that requires that you eat more delicious man-foods and perform workouts that actually help you get stronger and more athletic while helping you cut more fat than those high-repetition fad workouts and circuits do?

Wouldn’t it be better to increase the hormone that makes you a man, that decreases your likelihood of disease, cancer, and depression, while also burning optimal amounts of fat in a much shorter amount of time by eating like a man, training like a man, and living like a man?!

When we’re talking about fat loss, there are some main “players” in the game that help you either burn more fat or store more fat; hormones that will help you or hurt you, and somehow mainstream diets have gained popularity while hurting the hormones that make fat loss easy for all of us.

First, imagine what it would be like to walk around with your head held high, not because of the looks that others give you, but because of the quiet confidence you have that comes with being optimal, with being at your best both physically and athletically.

Imagine looking like the badass you know you are deep down. Imagine finally breaking the chains that bind you to a life of mediocrity, a shell of the man you can be. Today we'll unleash your fat loss hormones and your potential at the same time!


  • They cut dietary fats and they cut your most powerful fat loss hormone in the process (testosterone).
  • They cut carbs too low for too long, inhibiting your leptin levels, a hormone that helps you regulate hunger, making you burn more muscle in the process.
  • They force you to cut calories for too long, slowing your metabolism in the process, making your hormones work against you rather than with you.
  • They’re nearly impossibly to follow for any serious length of time, so while you may get results, they won’t stay for long (the rebound effect of most diets isn’t talked about, as many get results, but find it incredibly difficult to maintain once they’re off the diet).
  • They (including the bodies that certify most personal trainers) see fat loss workouts as “high rep” workouts, while all the evidence points toward lower-rep, strength training workouts as the best method to burn fat and maintain metabolically active muscle.
  • They neglect to see or understand that muscle is your most important ally in your fight against fat, with lean muscle mass you experience increases in testosterone and insulin sensitivity that make fat loss a heck of a lot easier.
  • They try to help everyone, and they get watered-down in the process. This is especially evident with the most important fat loss hormone for men, testosterone, something that 99.9% of the fat loss programs on the market don’t even address (probably because roughly 80% of the market is female).

The funny thing about where much of the industry is headed is that it’s in the opposite direction of logic.

Men are getting fatter, fact.

Men’s testosterone levels are declining, fact.

Our diets and our environments and even how we train is often negatively effecting our ability to produce testosterone at optimal levels, and yet most diets continue to purely address the caloric aspect of dieting.

I thought the mainstream approach to dieting was the truth for a very long time. I actually tried in vain for 7 years (at least I’m persistent) to build my ideal body by gaining muscle and burning fat, but all that happened was a considerable amount of muscle loss and a great deal of fat gained over that period (especially around the love handles).

The turning point in my journey, a journey that has since allowed me to help thousands of other guys build their ideal bodies, started with a visit to the doctor, but also a refusal to listen to the doctors orders…

Let me explain…

As testosterone declines in the modern male, our body fat levels are increasing.

After such a long time being frustrated by the results I was getting I read something about the decline of testosterone in the modern male. I looked a little deeper and found a study conducted by researchers out of Boston.

The group of researchers found that this decline in testosterone is independent of age-related declines in T. In their words,

These results indicate that recent years have seen a substantial, and as yet unrecognized, age-independent population-level decrease in T in American men, potentially attributable to birth cohort differences or to health or environmental effects not captured in observed data.

Being a guy who desperately wanted a reason for my inability to build the body I wanted other than my crappy genetics, I headed to the doctor to see if my testosterone levels where optimal for my age. And guess what, they weren’t.

This was both good and bad news…

For one, I now knew of at least one reason as to why I had this “resistant” body. But I had no idea how to naturally increase my testosterone levels, nor did I know if testosterone really effected my fat loss, or the fat loss of my growing list of clients.

What I did know, is that I didn’t want to opt for the “treatments” that so many doctors prescribe, and so, I went back to the drawing board. I wanted to figure out what testosterone did, how it helped or hurt my body composition, if increasing my T levels would help me burn fat, but I also wanted to know more about other hormones, and their effects on my body, and if I could have been going about this fitness thing having missed some of the most important steps along the way.

Now, I thought lower T levels would stop me from building muscle, little did I know that testosterone not only helps guys build more muscle, but it actually kills the cells in our bodies that store fat. And the true power of testosterone as it relates to body composition and our overall health, is only beginning to be discovered.

Furthermore, researchers in another study found that low testosterone levels were a leading cause in male obesity!

What began to really get me going was that there’s so much in mainstream diets and training protocol’s that hurt our testosterone levels, rather than helping them…

The truth about how your body burns fat and why you’re making this quest nearly impossible by following commonly believed myths.

Over the next few years I started studying testosterone and other hormones involved in the fat loss process, from hormones like cortisol and estrogen that STOP men from burning fat, to Growth Hormone and Leptin and Irisin, that actually HELP men burn more fat and hold on to that metabolically active muscle that makes sustained fat loss possible.

Not only did this information help me build my ideal body (there's me on the right), but it helped me help those thousands of other guys who were stuck, frustrated by the maximal effort they were putting in that yielding minimal results.

The capacity for optimal fat loss is within you, you've just been messing up the hormones that can make this capacity a reality.

It’s opened my eyes to a few things:

1. You don’t have to kill yourself with hours of training, if you train effectively, you can cut the amount of time you spend in the gym, but end up with a much better body.

2. You shouldn’t actually follow a purely “high fat/low carb diet”, or a “high carb/low fat diet”. The answer to optimal fat loss is an effective diet, and that can mean very different things for men and women…

… Keep in mind that women make up roughly 80% of the fitness and nutrition market, so who do you think most diets are made for? Hmmm…

3. It’s your hormones that help you burn fat and perform more efficiently, and there’s SO MUCH we can do to naturally increase our fat burning hormones, and naturally decrease our fat STORING hormones.

Fat Loss Fix #1: Fix Your Broken Metabolism

Most diets make you diet. And diet and diet and diet until you should “mathematically” get to the weight you want to get to.

But our bodies, in all their wonder and glory, don’t work like that. They have a natural desire to create a homeostatic atmosphere and regulate the energy we’re expending.

Thus, when we decrease our calories over a long period of time, our bodies slow our metabolism to account for the lack of energy we’re consuming. This way we can workout harder and longer and eat less, and still hold on to the body fat we need because of our body will store it in case of future “emergencies”.

This also leads to a loss of muscle mass when we diet for too long, making sustained fat loss virtually impossible - there is another way, fortunately.

So what’s this solution?

Fad dieting not only SUCKS, it's usually hurts your metabolism.

Well, if you’ve been dieting and you’ve noticed that you’re just not getting the results you once did, it’s likely time to “re-set” your metabolism.

It’s a simple process that requires you to start EATING MORE.

Yes, you heard me correctly…

There’s a strategy behind it, you don’t just stuff your face, you strategically consume a greater number of calories each week until you’re consuming what you’re burning, the key is to consume what you’re burning without gaining any weight.

This is something that I’ll help you out with in a bit, but it’s something that most “diet gurus” hide from, because it’s a long term approach to healthy and effective fat loss rather than the binging that gets quick results that are following by even quicker results gaining that weight back.

Fat Loss Fix #2: Increase Your Testosterone Levels by Increasing Your Dietary Fat

So when you start your diet you should actually begin it by eating more?

Correct, and as you eat more, and as you begin your diet, as a man, you should increase your daily intake of dietary fats.

Testosterone is the most powerful fat loss hormone in your body. If you can produce optimal testosterone levels, you can produce optimal fat loss.

Now, as we mentioned previously in that study done by researchers from Boston, there’s a decline in testosterone in men that’s independent of age. This also means that no matter what age you are, there’s a good chance you’re going to benefit from a natural increase in your testosterone levels.

By focusing on increasing his T levels, Andy completely transformed his body.

Side Note: Doctors may prescribe injections or TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) as a quick fix. The problem with this is that it will also bring your body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone to a screeching halt, making you dependent on a bioidentical form of testosterone that isn’t even close to the quality of the hormone that you naturally produce anyway - so stay away from TRT or other forms of testosterone “therapy”.

To produce optimal testosterone levels, you need to feed your body the building blocks of the hormone, and the building blocks of testosterone is cholesterol.

Cholesterol comes from dietary fats like the saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated fats we get from delicious man-foods like animals and fishies, but also some fruits and nuts.

The BEST fat loss diet for a man must include a hefty variety of these fats (up to 35% of your daily macronutrient intake).

Fat Loss Fix #3: Stop Training for “Fat Loss” to Increase Insulin Sensitivity

One of the biggest myths surrounding fat loss is in the way people train to burn fat.

Many a year ago I was getting my personal training certification. In the guide book they had 3 designations for rep counts that helped people reach a certain goal, and it went as follows:

2-6 reps = Strength Training
8-12 reps = Muscle Building
15-20 reps =  Fat Loss

(This is what your trainer is taught, and it's wrong)

The problem is that studies are continually showing the it’s the lower rep ranges that help men burn the most fat.


Because when you’re at a caloric deficit, that is, you’re consuming fewer calories than you’re burning, you tend to burn more muscle than fat (if you’re following a mainstream diet).

As you burn muscle, your body’s ability to burn fat slows, your fat storing hormones like cortisol and estrogen rise, and your transformation comes to another screeching halt.

Strength training helps you maintain that lean, metabolically active muscle. Lean muscle mass also increases your insulin sensitivity, helping you use more of your carbohydrates for fuel rather than storing them as fat.

Now, this isn’t just one study that shows this, but many, and yet every time I walk into a gym I see people who want to burn fat focusing on higher reps, circuits, and longer, slower forms of cardio that have been proven to not only not work as well, but they take up much more of your time to produce a much worse result.

Seems crazy doesn’t it?!

Fat Loss Fix #4: Add Cinnamon to Your Post Workout Shake

In this case cinnamon is actually a  supplement, it’s something that aids you in your quest to burn more fat. In the case of cinnamon, it increases your insulin sensitivity, again, helping you use your carbs for fuel rather than storing them as fat.

This will help you retain more lean, metabolically active muscle and burn more fat as fuel. But there are other supplements that really do work, like BCAAs, they help you hold on to your metabolic and anabolic muscle when you’re training. You don’t want to lose muscle, if you lose muscle you create a body that’s less efficient at burning fat.

Vitamin D3 and zinc both help block aromatase, which is the process by which your body turns testosterone into estrogen. By supplementing effectively you increase your good hormones and decrease your bad hormones. The thing that most people fail to realize is that with simple tricks like these, you can create a body that simply burns fat at a much higher rate and with greater efficiency.

Fat Loss Fix #5: Eat More Protein

Protein is seen as a “muscle building” ingredient by many in the mainstream, the fact of the matter is that it becomes an even more important piece of your diet when your goals are to burn fat.

Keep in mind a couple things:

a. You want to hold on to as much muscle as possible - and even GAIN muscle - while you’re burning fat. It just makes the fat burning process a lot easier and more efficient, it keeps your metabolism increasing and healthy, and it keeps your insulin sensitivity high.

b. Your body uses more energy to break down a gram of protein than any other macronutrient.

When you hear that protein is “thermogenic”, this means that the energy used to break down protein and convert it to energy is quite high, and the effects on our metabolism are evident. You want to increase your protein intake when you’re aiming to burn fat in comparison to other goals.

The Truth About Fat Loss and How to Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine

As I dug deeper and deeper into my research, I began to implement what I was finding on myself, first and foremost, but also my clients.

Chad's method made it easier for my body to work with me to burn more fat. I could feel my body recovering faster, I immediately had more energy, and I could start seeing results in the mirror within the first few weeks.

~ Ivan

Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones: 10 simple and Fast Steps to Unlock Your Fat Loss Potential

Every time I walk into a gym and see someone performing high reps to burn fat, I cringe because I know that there’s a far more efficient way to do things.

Every time I answer an email from a guy who’s been struggling for years to burn fat, trying every mainstream diet on the market (I’m sure you’ve heard of all of them, and likely tried a few yourself), I actually get mad because what we’re told daily, the information we’re fed every minute, is so far from the truth, and it’s keeping us, men, fat and weak and emasculated.

It’s these emails and comments and messages that propelled me to create something that gets to the root of your inability to burn fat…

A system that helps you Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones once and for all. When you create a base of healthy, active, and optimal hormones, like testosterone and growth hormone and leptin and you improve your insulin health, you’re able to do more with less effort, you create a body that actually works with you rather than for you.

I wanted to address everything, to leave no stone un-turned, to give you everything you need to build your ideal body, the best of the best, and to end the frustration that I hear about daily.

And so, the system that will Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones and unlock your TRUE Fat Loss Potential.

I had a really difficult time keeping my body fat levels low until Chad showed me how it starts with my hormones. He showed me simple dietary changes that were really easy to make, but made a huge difference. Once I learned how to focus on my hormones the fat started dripping off my body and I actually gained a bunch of muscle at the same time. Thanks Chad!

~ Mark

Component #1: The 10 Steps to Unlock Your Fat Burning Potential

Want to know the 10 Simple and Fast Steps to Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones and Unlock Your Fat Burning Potential?

  • Learn simple dietary changes you can make to get more out of your workouts.
  • Discover how to keep your metabolism running on overdrive even when you're not in the gym.
  • Find out how to spike your good fat loss hormones so they keep you burning fat all day.
  • Learn how to keep bad hormones, like cortisol, in check.

$47 value

Component #2: The Diet That Will Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones

Using "meal blocks" to fit your daily caloric intake and your macros while eating healthy, tasty man-foods that will actually help you fix your fat loss hormones.

  • Learn how to use "meal blocks" to boost your testosterone levels.
  • Figure out the BEST diet structure for YOUR schedule!
  • Learn EXACTLY what foods you should eat and what you should avoid to Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones.

$47 value

Component #3: The FYFLH 3-Phased Training Protocol

FYFLH Training Phase 1 – Intensity

We briefly talked about the importance of lean muscle mass for your hormonal health as well as the necessity for strength to be the prelude to any other fitness goal you may have. The stronger you are, the better equipped you will be to either build more muscle or burn more fat, or both.

  • Find out the best method to gain strength while at a caloric deficit.
  • Welcome to a method where you're going to SHRED fat while keeping - even gaining - your metabolically active muscle.

$100 value

FYFLH Training Phase 2 – Accumulation

This is a 4 week, extreme volume built to condition your body for optimal hypertrophy training. The goal in this phase is to optimize training efficiency by increasing the muscles lactate threshold so that you can work with heavier loads for more time.

This well-structured accumulation phase will help set the stage for great muscle growth for months to come. And again, while we're eating for fat loss, fixing our fat loss hormones from a training perspective actually lies in maximizing and maintaining as much lean muscle mass as possible while cutting fat.

Increases in lean muscle mass will increase your metabolism and your insulin sensitivity as well as your testosterone levels. In short, more lean muscle mass = less body fat.

$100 value

FYFLH Training Phase 3 – Hypertrophy

This phase in the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones training capitalizes on the adaptations achieved in the previous two training phases. The strength developed in the intensity phase will allow you to train with a heavier load thus enhancing the levels of muscular tension.

The metabolic efficiency that was achieved from the accumulation phase will allow for a heightened capacity of overall volume. Maxing phase 3 the phase in which you maximize your muscular potential.

It's in this phase that will coincide with the last 4 weeks of your diet, where you're going to experience some incredibly visible results.

$100 value

Bonuses For Early Action-Takers:

Take action right now and you’ll gain access to the FYFLH instructional video series. We take you into the gym so you can follow along with your workouts, even watching exercise instructions from your phone when you’re in the gym training.

You’re basically going to have a trainer walk you through all of the exercises. You’ll see the proper form and technique to maximize your fat loss hormones, building lean muscle mass and shredding your body fat in the process.

$100 value

Total Value: $491

Become An Early Adopter of a System That Will Help You Unleash Your True Fat Loss Potential By Fixing The Hormonal Processes That Have Held You Back to This Point!


Listen, this isn’t a system for a fella who’s looking for a quick fix, a magic pill or powder or potion that will magically get him the results and the body that he wants…

Why? Because there’s no such thing as this magic pill.

To achieve optimal fat loss you have to take the steps we outline in the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones manual. You have to eat effectively and train properly. I’m not saying this is the ONLY way to get the results you want, because it’s not. It is, however, one of the most effective methods you’ll come across that’s specifically designed to help guys fix the fat loss hormones that WE NEED to burn fat and maintain muscle.

This also isn’t a program for women. Men have different dominant hormones than women do, and even though we share hormones, we produce them through different processes. Testosterone is by far the most important hormone and fat loss hormone in the male body, and...

Everything around you, from your environment to your diet, may be crushing your testosterone levels. Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones provides the solution.

This isn’t a program for people who want to eat Twinkies and burn fat. Are you going to be able to eat tasty foods? By all means, heck, have some ice cream for one of your cheat meals, but this isn’t a pure calorie in vs calorie out diet because those diets, while they’ll help you lose weight, they won’t help you lose more fat than the method we’re using.

In fact, the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones method will help you maintain more muscle, helping you burn more fat in the long run and without dieting in the future. I’m here to get you to the maintenance phase as fast as humanly possible because my goodness is it easier to maintain than to lose or gain!

So, is this program, for you?

How do you know if Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones is the right fit for you?

Well, if you're like Matheus...

A guy who doesn’t mind eating delicious man-foods in order to burn more fat, then, yes, it’s like for you.

If you don’t mind working hard in the gym, performing protocols that will actually help you get stronger as you follow the diet and the FYFLH system, then yes, methinks this program is for you.

If you’re plain old sick and tired of gimmick programs not backed by science and designed by a human who knows nothing of what it takes to cut fat when your body wants so very much to hold on to it, and if you want real results and fast and results that damn-well last, then yes, this is your program.

Join the Tribe!

The past decade has been one where I've worked me arse off to develop resources that actually help guys like me, fellas stuck living in bodies that don't reflect the warriors, the men that they are deep down.

Think of how good it would feel to be lean or ripped...

Think of how incredible it would feel to walk around with your head held high, not because of the looks of others, but simply because you're finally at home in your own skin...

This is what our tribe is made up of:

Awesome guys who work their butts off, who don't complain, who seek the truth, who take action, who inspire me!

I'd love for you to join our tribe and to dramatically change the way you look at feel and perform.

I'd be ecstatic if you, in 3 months, look in the mirror in awe of what you've accomplished. All I want to do is provide you with the plan that will actually get you the results you want, all you have to do is take action!

Take action, become an early adopter to the system that fixes the root of your fat loss woes!

Your Price: $167 $77 $19

Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones FAQ

What if the diet doesn’t fit my schedule?

The Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones Diet is designed with meal “pockets” that you just plug into the different areas of YOUR routine. That is, the diet is completely customizable, and it’s very simple to plug in your meals where they fit best in relation to how you structure your day, when you work, workout, and when you wake up.

What if I lose all motivation and decide to quit?

As with everything I put my time and energy and my name behind, I add my 60-day money-back guarantee. If you decide that a ripped, lean, athletic body just isn’t worth the time and effort, then I’d rather you have your money back, and I’d rather bring someone else on board that’s willing to work! Give it a shot for two months (2/3’s of the entire program) to see if it works. It does. It’s a simple answer.

Is there support for the program?

Hi, I’m Chad Howse, I wrote the program, the diet, everything, and I am actually a real human. I answer my own emails and I’m going to be involved with your transformation to make sure that you get the best from every step. If you have a question, you’re emailing me, personally, and I’ll respond with a response. But, for time’s sake, read the entire manual first, I did my utmost to leave no stone un-turned.

Is there hidden fees involved with the program?

No hidden fees whatsoever. You’ll only be charged once for this awesome program, and you’re getting it at an incredible discount. There are no additional fees that you’ll incur unless there’s something you want to add to your order.

How long will it take for the order to arrive?

Everything is done immediately. My team has a great back-end members area for you where you can watch the DVDs, download all of the programs and workout sheets and the diets and manuals.

Everything is accessible from your computer, your tablet, or even your phone (yes, even the videos, you can take them to the gym and watch how to perform he various exercises as you’re working out). We’ve gone above and beyond with Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones. As soon as you click the Add to Cart button, you’ll sign up, then within a few minutes you’ll receive an email with all of the details you need to get started right away.

Building your ideal body is simpler than you think. The changes you need to make aren't all that complicated, and you can, indeed, get FAST RESULTS.

The changes you need to make are found in the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones system. Now all you have to do is take action, take the reigns and make the body you've tried to build for years.

Take action! Join the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones tribe and be one of the early adopters in a new, smarter way of burning fat!


The results you've seen on this page were the results of guys who followed my advice, usually to the tee. They worked hard in the gym, and they dieted as I've suggested. These aren't normal results, because normally people buy something and they just don't take the final steps that lead them to the transformation they want.

There are, however, many, many other success stories of guys who've made moderate changes to their diets and training routines that have seen impressive transformations. You can't just buy Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones, snap your fingers, and find yourself walking around with a new and improved body. You're actually going to have to work hard and incur some sense of discipline.

You are, in a sense, going to have to Man Up and make the necessary changes in your diet and training to get the results that have eluded you for so long. Fortunately I take you through the ENTIRE process with Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones, leaving no stone unturned.

Hope to see you in the members area!

Chad Howse

If you need any help or have any questions give me a shout at [email protected]

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