Simple to follow, delicious meal plans that fit perfectly into the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones System.

Want to Guarantee You’re Eating The Right Marcos and the Proper Foods?

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I’m no chef, no cook, so when it comes time to prep my meals, rather than sitting at my computer before I eat trying to figure out how much of this or that I can fit into each meal, I set up pre-determined meal plans depending on what my caloric intake may be.

It simply makes things simpler, but also more effective.

If you can see the exact amount and the nutrients that make up your daily macros you’re going to be far more likely to avoid going over those daily calories, and it’s going over the daily calories by using incorrect measurements and forgetting to account for all of the calories that typically leaves us falling short of our goals…

… Among other things.

When you know exactly what to do in the gym - and we take you into the gym to ensure you’re performing the right exercises and using the proper form - and in the kitchen, you can reach your goals while essentially on autopilot.

Each of the meal plans are structured to set you up for the week, where you can then make minor adjustments to better fit what you like to eat.

We cover your testosterone meal, your muscle meal, and we have some tasty tasty tasty post workout shake recipes, along with guidelines as to what supplements you should use and when you should use them.

Want to Make Sure You’re Eating the Right Foods At the Right Time?

For the Price of a Big Mac You Can Have Plans Set Up Just For Your Caloric Needs

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